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For Attorneys

Clerk's Courterly

Speedy Trial Plan

Our Court's Speedy Trial Plan was adopted on May 22, 2013.

How to become admitted as an attorney in our Court...

(Please Note: The motion referred to in Local Rule 84.2(a) is an oral motion made just before the applicant takes the oath administered by the Court.)

Bio Sheet for Admission to USDC-WY Bar.

Jury Evidence Recording System information (JERS)...

JERS training:
If you need training on using JERS, please contact the Court at the numbers below:

  • Casper: 307/232-2620
  • Cheyenne: 307/433-2120

Instructions for counsel on providing evidence to the Court
Tips for MAC users on providing evidence to the Court

Please take note of the Exhibits.txt document presented below. It gives detailed information on how counsel should format the evidence being presented prior to the start of trial. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to call the Clerk's Office.

Sample Exhibits.txt file.

Filing Information
Please follow the procedures below for filing pleadings:

  • Submit on 8½ x 11 white paper. 
  • Line spacing shall be double or one and one-half. 
  • One inch top margin on every page. 
  • Identification of counsel to be placed in the upper left hand corner four spaces above court name, including name, firm name, address, telephone number, and email address. 
  • Fax filings will not be accepted. 
Court Filing Fees
Fees effective 12/01/2016 FEES
Appeal to District Judge from conviction by a Magistrate Judge in a misdemeanor case $38.00
Appeal to the United States Court of Appeals $505.00
Attorney Admission Certification $231.00
Certification of document $11.00
Civil Filings $400.00
Copies (electronic, per page from system) $0.10
Copies (hardcopy, per page from file) $0.50
Duplicate Attorney Certificate or Certification of Good Standing Fee $19.00
Exemplification Fee $22.00
Local Rules Fee $5.00
Miscellaneous Case Filings $47.00
Misdemeanor/CVB Processing Fee $30.00
PACER (Public Access to Electronic Court Records)/CM/ECF (per page) $0.10
Pro Hac Vice (per attorney, per case) $100.00
PHV Adversary Case before US Bankruptcy Court $100.00
Record Search (per name) $31.00
Reproduction of an Audio Recording of a Court Proceeding (CD) $31.00
Retrieval of retired records - one box $64.00
Retrieval of retired records - multiple boxes each $39.00
Retrieval of retired records - ELECTRONIC Smart Scan (PLUS Archive per page copy fee of $0.65): $19.90
Returned check for NSF $53.00
Writ of Habeas Corpus, Sections 2241 & 2254 $5.00

Proposed Order Email Addresses
Please use the following addresses for filing Proposed Orders. You can find detailed information on this in our Procedures Manual. If the proposed order does not require the filing of a motion, (e.g. Proposed Scheduling Order, Proposed Pre-Trial Order, etc.) it shall be emailed to the appropriate Judge’s Chambers set forth below:

  • - Chief Judge Scott W. Skavdahl 
  • - Judge Nancy D. Freudenthal. 
  • - Judge Alan B. Johnson 
  • - Magistrate Judge Kelly H. Rankin 
  • - Magistrate Judge Mark L. Carman