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JIFMS Go Live Date: May 8, 2017

VENDORS: As of May 8, 2017, the U.S. Bankruptcy and District Courts, and U.S. Probation Office in Wyoming will be implementing a new financial system named the Judiciary Integrated Financial Management System (JIFMS), which will ensure Electronic Funds Transfers (EFTs), directly to your bank upon payment of invoice. We will no longer cut checks locally. However, we need your help in getting this ready! Links to each of these are shown below. For details, please look at this document written with the intention of clarifying the process.

In order to make this process seamless, please make sure you are set up in System for Award Managment, (SAM.GOV). If you are set up and all your information is current, you are good to go and all you need to do is follow the SAM rules to verify your account annually! You can even use the Invoice Processing Platform (IPP) to track those payments you should be receiving from the Federal Government.

If you are currently not set up in SAM, you need to

  1. Apply for a Dun & Bradstreet DUNS number*.
  2. Once you have your DUNS Number, you can register in SAM.GOV* and you'll be all set.
  3. Finally, if you wish, you can create an IPP account to track payments owed to you by the Federal Government.

Read the SAM Quick Reference Guide for more details before registering!

Although the processes will not take long to do on your end, there is a period of processing time which will slow your progress down, so please begin this process as soon as possible. It's all free - get started today?

(Alternatively, you can just sent us a completed AO213 form and we'll get you put in our system, but registering in SAM is preferred. Download and send the AO213 form to our Court at: WyoJIFMS@wyd.uscourts.gov )

* Dun & Bradstreet and SAM.GOV are not US Courts websites. Please verify the authenticity of the link prior to entering any information.