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Will the Court be posting calendars on its website?

  • At the present time it has been decided not to post calendars.

Is There A Fee For A Jury Demand?

  • There is no fee for a jury demand.

Will You Accept Fax Filings?

  • All papers shall be filed with the Clerk as originals, signed in accordance with the Federal Rules of Civil Procedures. Paper transmitted by facsimile shall not be accepted for filing at this time.

Should We File Discovery Documents?

  • Responses to routine discovery under 26(e), interrogatories under FRCP 33 and answers thereto, requests for production or inspection under FRCP34, requests for admissions under FRCP 36 and responses thereto shall be served upon other counsel or parties, but shall NOT be filed with the Court. For further information please see Local Rule 26(f).

Can A File Be Checked Out?

  • Only attorneys admitted to the bar of this Court may check out a file. An attorney may call the Clerk's Office and make arrangements for someone from his/her office to pick up the file. Transcripts, Depositions and Administrative Records cannot be checked out. For further information see Local Rule 79.

Who Can See Jury Questionaires?

  • The Jury Plan for the District of Wyoming States: ".. the Clerk of Court shall not allow any person to view the juror questionaires without prior permission of the Court..."

When Will An Order Be Signed?

  • Upon the filing of a motion and a proposed order, the Clerk's Office delivers them to the respective Judge. When the order is signed, the Clerk's Office file stamps, dockets and sends a copy of the order to counsel in the case.

Questions Regarding Depositing Money In the Registry Of The Court.

  • A party depositing money into the Court registry shall file and serve the Clerk or designated financial deputy with a signed order. That order shall specify the amount to be invested, type of investment and the name of the depository where the money is to be deposited. For further information, please see Local Rule 67.

Does The Court Have Equipment Available For Hearings And Trials?

  • The Cheyenne and Casper Clerk's Offices have TVs, VCRs, DVD Players, overhead projectors, X-ray viewing screens and evidence systems available. Video conferencing is available with prior approval from the Judge. Please make prior arrangements with the Clerk's Office for use of this equipment.

What is the maximum cost for Transcripts?

  • Effective May 7, 2011, the fee schedule for transcripts is mandated by Order of this Court. Please click here to view the Order in PDF format.
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