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Electronic Courtrooms

All three Courtrooms in Cheyenne, Courtroom #2 in Casper, and our Mammoth location are now fully electronic with video evidence presentations.

In order to make it easier for attorneys to see what is available, we are providing a quick list of features so you can prepare your evidence for use in this Courtroom. If you have any questions regarding this equipment, you are encouraged to call (307) 433-2120 or (307) 232-2620 in Casper for a demo or personal training of this equipment.

Although our system should work with any PC program, please be aware we have had mixed results with Sanction by Verdict Systems. If you intend to use this program, please be sure to adequately test it beforehand. Please contact the Clerk's Office to arrange testing prior to your Court date/time at (307) 433-2120 in Cheyenne, or (307) 232-2620 in Casper. The Courthouse is not open on weekends or Holidays, so you must test during normal business hours.

If you are using an IBM compatible laptop, the preferred resolution settings for this program are 1024x768 at 60Hz. If you are using a Mac, you will need to provide a DVI to VGA converter cable and need to set your screen resolution to 800x600 at 60Hz for best results.


Planning on using the Casper Courtroom in front of Judge Skavdahl?.

Click here for a document to assist you in making it work in Casper.

Procedures for scheduling a video conference with our Court.

Click here if you need to use the video teleconferencing system for a hearing or something else...

Jury Boxes:

The Jury Box has three 19" flat panel monitors in the front row and three in the back row. These monitors are on articulating arms so they can be repositioned easily for shared viewing.

Annotation Screens

With a touch of your finger, you can draw lines and create arrows highlighting your point. Both the witness box and lectern have annotation touch screens. If you wish to admit your annotated image as an exhibit, just ask for it to be printed right in the Courtroom!


The lectern has a touch screen monitor for evidence annotation as well as inputs for a laptop, stand alone DVD or VCR player, and S-video. It also has a slide-out drawer with a document presentation camera making the entry of all types of evidence easier. There is also a built-in VCR/DVD player in the front of the unit.

Counsel Tables

Each counsel table has 2 monitors for viewing evidence as well as inputs for a laptop, portable DVD/VCR, or S-video device.

Witness Box

The witness box has a touch screen monitor for evidence annotation.

Law Clerk Table

The Judge's Law Clerk has a viewing monitor as well as a video capture card. If you annotate your evidence, they can print a hard copy for you from their desk!

Gallery Monitors

There are 46" LCD monitors on either side of the Gallery to allow easier viewing of evidence by the Public.

Video Conferencing

There are 3 video cameras in the Courtroom attached to a Polycom VSX8000 unit. One of these cameras is directed toward the witness, one is aimed at the Judge, and one the lectern. This allows the remote site(s) to select which person they wish to view at any given time. Our Courtrooms can accommodate ISDN or IP network feeds, depending on the remote site.


The judges receive realtime feeds from the Court Reporters during all regular court events. Realtime cables are provided at counsel tables, also.

Counsel interested in connecting for realtime services should contact Jan or Monique at least one day in advance of your hearing at (307) 274-4661 (Monique) or (307) 222-3147 (Jan).

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