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CM/ECF Tips and Solutions


Browser Settings

Attention MAC Users!

If you have trouble docketing in CM/ECF using Safari, please note that we have seen problems with the use of this browser. Although not an endorsement, many users have seen better performance installing and using Mozilla Firefox.


Clearing Browser Cache

For instructions on how to clear the cache on any web browser, click here.

  • PROBLEM: you attempt to file a large document and get a message that the file size has been exceeded.

    SOLUTION: the maximum file size allowed by CM/ECF is 50MB (51,200kb). If you attempt to file a document larger that this size, you will get an error. Please make sure your document is not corrupted and reduce the file size as much as possible. Docketing something 50MB in size should be a rare event. Please call the Clerk's Office for assistance if you have problems due to size.

  • PROBLEM: you click on a document and "nothing" appears in your browser even though you have Acrobat Reader installed.

    SOLUTION: your cache settings need adjusted for the browser. If you click on the links below and make the changes outlined in the appropriate document for your browser, the pages should open correctly for you:

  • PROBLEM: You click on a document in CM and it doesn't show up although the message bar says it is "done" loading.

    SOLUTION: You should temporarily DISABLE any popup blockers on your browser - re-enable them after you log out of CM/ECF.


NEF Behavior

  • PROBLEM: What are the rules for Notices of Electronic Filing (NEFs)?

SOLUTION: Free look expires after 15 days In a civil case - you do not need to be logged in, if you get a login prompt - your free look has expired In a criminal case - you will need to log in with your CM/ECF login and then your PACER login DO NOT double click on the link - it will "kill" your free look

  • PROBLEM: Why am I NOT GETTING A NEF in my mailbox when I know activity has occurred in my case?

SOLUTION: Perhaps your ISP is blocking the wyd.uscourts.gov domain so they are not getting through. Many ISPs block mass emails suspecting them to be SPAM. If you suspect this is happening, please contact your ISP to allow mail from our domain to get to you. You should be able to find a way to contact them by going to their main web page. Also, please make sure any local spam blockers are not blocking our domain right at your computer.

  • PROBLEM: I got an NEF in a Social Security case that I have entered an appearance in, but I CANNOT VIEW any of the documents.

SOLUTION: You cannot open the NEFs because you have not been trained and received a CM/ECF login & password. SS cases have special restrictions that you do not have access to until you have received a login/password. Once trained, you will have access to all documents filed.


System Settings

Please note, there are some minimum hardware and software requirements your computer must have in order to file with our Court.

  • PROBLEM: How do I change my PASSWORD in CM/ECF?

SOLUTION: Please open this document and follow the instructions on how to perform this change.

  • PROBLEM: How do I add or remove EMAIL ADDRESSES in CM/ECF? (posted 12/07/2007)

SOLUTION: Please open this document and follow the instructions on how to perform this change.


Documents and Pleadings

  • PROBLEM: How should attorneys file COMPOUND PLEADINGS?

SOLUTION: With CM/ECF, documents that perform multiple functions like a combined motion and waiver should not be submitted. The Court recommends you simply break these into individual parts and file each as a stand alone pleading. Each will have its own document number and the docket sheet will be correct.

  • PROBLEM: What are the DIFFERENCES between a "sealed" document, a "non-public" document, and an "ex parte" document?

SOLUTION: Please click here to get a PDF explaining it all.

  • PROBLEM: documents you've SCANNED take a very long time to upload to the system.

SOLUTION: scan your documents at 300dpi (dots per inch) resolution. Higher resolution will not make the documents any easier to read and results in a much larger file size. The recommendation is to convert text, rather than scan your documents whenever possible. A converted text document is exponentially smaller than a scanned file containing the same data!

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