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File using CM/ECF

CM/ECF Help Desk...
307/433-2120 (Cheyenne)
or 307/232-2620 (Casper

You may also contact the CM/ECF Service Center or the PACER Service Center.

File using CM/ECF


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File using CM/ECF

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CM/ECF SCANNING: Please set your scanner settings to 300dpi if you are scanning documents for CM/ECF. This is a new request from our offices in Washington D.C. Thank you for your assistance.


Pay.Gov Instructions

To e-pay your pro hac vice filing fee by credit card, file your motion and then do the following:

  1. Click on CIVIL
  2. Click on Other Documents under Other Filings
  3. Select Payment Entry and follow the prompts to pay electronically by credit card.



If you are new to CM/ECF or PACER in Wyoming, here are some links and tips to help you get started. Please keep in mind that there are several document links listed below and you might want to revisit this page frequently to make sure you have the latest version.

There are two acronyms to know:

  • PACER stands for Public Access to Court Electronic Records
    and is open to anyone that wishes to open an account. The account itself is free, but there is a minimal charge (currently 10 cents per page of viewed or printed text). When opening your account, you may request that it work in any Federal Court in the United States. To obtain your account, please visit the PACER Service Center.

  • CM/ECF is short for Case Management/Electronic Case Files.
    This is the current web-based filing system the U.S. Courts have adopted to make document filing readily accessible to anyone with internet access. You must have a valid CM/ECF account to use this part of the system and these accounts are given only to active attorneys in the District of Wyoming. If you are an attorney wishing to file electronically in the District Court of Wyoming, please download the REGISTRATION FORM. This form must be signed and mailed to our office prior to obtaining an account.

Please note, there are some minimum hardware and software requirements your computer must have in order to file with our Court.



Once you know your system has the minimum requirements, please call to schedule training with our Casper or Cheyenne offices. You can simply: call the Help Desk number at 307/433-2120 or 307/232-2620 to arrange free training. (Please note that CM/ECF training will now be offered once a month in Cheyenne, typically on the 3rd Wednesday, from 2:00 - 3:00. Casper will continue to train new users as the need dictates. New users should call our office to reserve a seat.)

Once you have been trained by our Court and have obtained your account and are ready to file, you may need a refresher from the Procedures Manual (updated 8/2012) or could use some tips we have found to be helpful to others. All filing attorneys should also keep our checklist handy to assist them in filing in District Court.

If you were trained in electronic filing some time ago but need to review the steps, you can always visit the U.S. Courts' CBT (computer based training) site to get in a little practice.

The PACER Service Center has some Frequently Asked Questions you might want to check out. Always remember, we have those Help Desk numbers listed above to help you out.



Since we are the Federal Court system, we have rules and regulations. Please take a look at them below. You were probably warned about them during training.

Two of the most important notices came down from Congress.

You can read about the E-Gov Act as well as the U.S. Courts' Privacy details and then please look at the Court's Privacy/Public Order on CM/ECF.



Did you know that you can apply for CLEs from the Wyoming State Bar after you've taken our CM/ECF training course? Just download the application and send it in!

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